April 21, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member Rose Anderson Recognized in the Henry Daily Herald for Her Efforts in Community Service

“Born to Help Others” written by Nicklaus Lovelady of the Henry Daily Herald applauds Cambridge Who's Who member Rose Anderson for her commitment to community service and her lifelong efforts to help others.
Born to help others
By Nicklaus Lovelady


Rose Anderson of Hampton is your average mother of two, with one exception — she has an exceptionally large heart.

On Thursday, she drove around her friend Frances Exum to the veterinarian to have Exum’s cats examined. Because Exum is at an age where she can no longer drive, Anderson volunteers to take “Ms. Frances” to places she needs to go.

That’s typical for Anderson — always doing something for someone else.

“I can’t drive any more, so when I need to go some place I’ll ask Rose and she’s always there,” Exum said. “So instead of driving Ms. Daisy, it’s driving Ms. Frances.”

When Exum began to describe Anderson, every adjective she used was synonymous with someone known for their generosity.

Anderson said her selfless spirit began to blossom when she was a child growing up in Kansas City. Her mother, who was big on community service, would force Anderson and her sister to take part in different missions around town as early as six years old.

She continued serving others in various capacities as she grew into adulthood including working with the Kansas City YWCA, shelters for abused women and children, and helping to establish a nonprofit thrift store.

“I’ve done whatever I can, whenever I can to help serve my community,” Anderson said. “I believe in empowering others to know they are worth more and are able to do more.”

When Anderson moved to Hampton 13 years ago she brought along her spirit of helping others.

For nearly 10 years, the housewife worked as a Veterans Administration volunteer. Anderson spent countless hours tending to the needs of local World War II veterans.

In 2004, Anderson was the driving force to get the Henry County High School marching band an equipment truck. Prior to that the band had to rent U-Haul trucks whenever they wanted to go to a band competition.

“She is the reason the band has the equipment truck,” Henry County High School Band Booster president Pauline Wilhoit said. “She took on that endeavor and managed to work miracles to make it happen.”

Anderson said one of her greatest volunteer efforts came while working as a troupe leader with a local Girl Scouts group. She said one of her girls received the Gold Award, which is equivalent to the Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout.

Her volunteer efforts over the years led Anderson to be recognized as a Cambridge Who’s Who Woman of Distinction award recipient.

While receiving awards are great, Anderson prefers a warm thank you from someone she has helped.

“Most of the time it will happen in an airport or somewhere really busy. All of a sudden I’ll hear someone call my name,” she said. “They’ll run up and hug me and say thank you for helping them out.”

Rose Anderson joined Cambridge Who's Who as a lifetime member in June 2007. Ms. Anderson has also been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who as a VIP member. Cambridge Who's Who offers its members recognition and exposure of their accomplishments, credibility in their field and networking opportunities to stimulate career growth. Cambridge Who's Who applauds Rose Anderson for her commitment to community service and bettering the lives of those around her. We wish her continued success in her endeavors.

April 17, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Troy A. Hanna and Fox 59 News Indianapolis

Cambridge Who’s Who Member Troy A. Hanna Director of Sales at ComedySportz Indianapolis is among the attendees and supporters of an event to raise funds for Humane Society of Indianapolis. On Sunday April 27, 2008 Troy and ten to fifteen walkers will represent ComedySportz Indianapolis in support of “Mutt Strut”. Mr. Hanna was recently interviewed by Fox 59 News Indianapolis, when asked about the event he stated “it just seemed like a good opportunity for a bunch of us to get together to share our love of animals, have a good time and raise awareness for a good time.” To view the full video interview with Troy and other participants/sponsors of the event visit the Fox 59 Website.

Cambridge Who's Member Sandra Campbell On The Move To Bring Spring To Indiana

Sandra K. Campbell (Flippin) the Sales Manager / Event Coordinator for A-Classic Expo Design has been on the move working with HSI Show Productions as their trade show service provider. She just completed one of the oldest consumer shows in the United States, "50th Anniversary Flower & Patio Show", King Tut Exhibit and 2nd Annual Super Bride Sunday. The Flower & Patio Show is one-of-two historic shows produced by HSI with the other one being the 59th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show which will be held in November 2008.

A-Classic Expo Design is a full service trade show service company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. They provide the latest trends and services for the production of trade shows, conferences, special events and product launches. Our large inventories of trade show equipment and services will be your one-stop-shop, saving you time and money.

A-Classic Expo Design started working 11-days prior to show opening to public with a mass amounts of labor force marking floors, setting drape, working with exhibitors to organized move-in from the smallest items to the very large items. During the show our duties consisted of assisting show management with any and all dues of productions of different events. After 9-days of show we did everything in reverse in tearing down all of the equipment and assisting with exhbitors move-out.

The 50th Anniversary Indiana Flower & Patio Show featured 30 spectacular showcase gardens and 450 exhibitors taking up the themed to all-time movie favorites. The garden themes' complement the show's golden anniversary theme, "A Red Carpet Affair."

Landscape designers and exhibitor from across the United States used the latest trends in plants, hardscapes, fire and water features, landscape lighting, and other items to interpret their individual gardens' themes.

The showcase gardens include: "Romancing the Stone", "The Blue Lagoon", "Father of the Bride", "The Secret Garden", "Hoosiers", "A River Runs Through It", "Cocktail, Casablanca", "Caddyshack", "It's A Wonderful Life", "The Swiss Family Robinson", "Over the Hedge", "The Karate Kid", "A Salute to Disney", "Breaking Away", "Love, Actually", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "There's No Place Like Home" (from "The Wizard of Oz").

The Flower & Patio Show features events within the event. This makes everyday of the show a new show with new features.
Red Carpet Affair - After Dark.
"The gardens take on a totally different look when the overhead lights go out and the landscape lighting and fire features take over," said Donell Heberer Walton, executive director of HSI Show Productions, owner and producer of the 50th anniversary Indiana Flower & Patio Show.

"There's an ethereal quality to the gardens," she continued, "and from the comments we received after last year's After Dark event, people truly enjoyed seeing this different aspect and imaging how their own yards could be transformed through the wide variety of landscape lighting that's available today, and, of course, through the incredible fire features."

Treasures of King Tut
"The Treasures of King Tutankhamun" exhibit was featured during the Indiana Flower & Patio Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds'.

Treasures of King Tut featured 250 museum-quality replicas of the fabulous treasures that were entombed with the infamous boy-king.

Super Bride Sunday
It's the day little girls and young women dream of - their wedding day! Some have, since the age of 12, had the perfect wedding day pictured in their head: the colors, the cake and the dress! Now, that you've found Mr. Right and have the ring of your dreams, where do you begin shopping for the BIG DAY?

This is certainly not your typical bridal show! As each bride-to-be enters the show, she is greeted by a gentleman dressed in a tuxedo presenting her with a beautiful corsage.

Brides-to-be can experience a variety of wedding products and services from some of Indianapolis' most prestigious and respectable photographers, gown designers and florists.

Sandra Campbell joined Cambridge Who's Who as a lifetime member in December 2007. Cambridge Who's Who offers its members recognition and exposure of their accomplishments, credibility in their field and networking opportunities to stimulate career growth. Cambridge Who's Who applauds Ms. Campbell for taking full advantage of her Cambridge Who's Who member benefits and wishes her continued success in her endeavors.

April 16, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. Launches An Unprecedented New Teleseminar Series

Landmark String of Engagements Links Cambridge Who's Who Members with Success Coach and Best-Selling Author Mike Litman
Uniondale, NY, April 10, 2008 - Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. is excited to announce a new benefit for its members, the 2008 Teleseminar Series. The program was created to provide useful information that will help participants achieve success in their personal and professional endeavors. The major themes that will be addressed in these teleseminars are effective personal branding, the power of networking and business building. These core principles are valuable to Cambridge Who's Who members in every profession and at all stages of their careers.

This evening, at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 200 Cambridge Who's Who members will participate in the first one-hour long teleseminar entitled "Million Dollar Networking Strategies for the 21st Century." The presentation, which is free to members who pre-registered, will feature proven success coach, best-selling author and multi-millionaire Mike Litman as guest speaker. On the conference call, he will share his success tips and goal setting techniques to help subscribers develop their personal brand, achieve business growth and expand their professional network.

Following the teleseminars, participants will be invited to join Cambridge Who's Who Connect, a networking site where members can share information with each other and continue discussions sparked by the teleseminar series. Cambridge will also post excerpts of the teleseminars on the Cambridge Who's Who Resource Center, a place for members and non-members to gather information and seek advice on popular topics including online networking, starting your own company, marketing your products and services and making yourself into a valuable contact. A content-rich site, the Cambridge Who's Who Resource Center gives Cambridge Who's Who members an opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in their industries and professions online through its contributing author program.

"By strengthening the value proposition of Cambridge Who's Who membership with services like the teleseminar series, we hope that members will make Cambridge their primary resource for how-to and reference information," says Erica Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. She continues, "In the future, we would love to see members who have already distinguished themselves as experts lead one of our teleseminars. What better way to build your brand and position yourself as an authority in your field than to address an audience of your peers."

Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality networking resources for relationship building, job recruitment, career enhancement and new business development. In accordance with this mission, Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. is proud to present the 2008 Teleseminar Series.

About Cambridge Who's Who Publishing Inc.
Cambridge Who's Who is an invitation-only network comprised of over 200,000 executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation. Cambridge Who's Who membership provides individuals with a valuable third party endorsement of their accomplishments and gives them the tools needed to gain competitive edge and strategic positioning within their profession by helping them to brand themselves and their businesses effectively. It also facilitates networking among a diverse group of professionals at various stages of their careers. For more information about Cambridge Who's Who, see www.cambridgewhoswho.com.

About Mike Litman
Mike Litman is the #1 best-selling author of Conversations with Millionaires. Over the last six years, he has coached over a quarter million business owners, showing them how to improve themselves and build their businesses better and faster. He is a nationally recognized networking expert and Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. is excited to present his proven strategies for success to its members.

April 1, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member Dr. Thomas W. Eckel

Easton, PA, April 1, 2007- , a psychotherapist with Bethlehem Counseling Associates, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for his commitment to counseling individuals, families and couples. Eckel is also an accomplished songwriter, pianist and singer who has released five full-length CD recordings and toured nationally and internationally.

After obtaining his bachelor of arts in music from Berklee College of Music, Eckel took a position as a high school music teacher in New York City. He became close to many students and was treated as a de facto counselor, of sorts. Says Eckel,

"Although I thoroughly enjoyed teaching music, I realized that I took even more pleasure in counseling students through their problems."
This prompted Eckel to pursue a master of arts in school counseling from New York University. Once he accomplished this goal, Eckel worked as a counselor at a Yonkers high school while pursuing his doctorate in counseling psychology from Columbia University and Argosy University. Today in private practice, Eckel feels tremendous satisfaction when his clients grow and improve the quality of their lives.

Eckel has pursued his foremost passion, music, with equal fervor. He has recorded five full-length CDs, each accompanied by a music video. He toured in France, Italy and Spain as well as on the East Coast and sold 7,000 CDs from the truck of his car. His style has been influenced by Billy Joel, Elton John and The Beatles, among others.

According to Eckel, his career achievements can be chalked up to his drive, his ambition to succeed and his belief in education. A national board certified counselor licensed in four states, Eckel is also certified in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is a board-certified hypnotherapist. Eckel is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Chi Sigma Iota honor society. To listen to a sampling of Eckel's music or to purchase his CD, visit http://www.thomaseckel.com.

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