January 18, 2010

Cambridge Who’s Who Recognizes Jack (John T. Jr.) Gilmore: Honored Member of Cambridge Who’s Who for Outstanding Achievements in the Information Tech

Jack (John T. Jr.) Gilmore, founder and President of Comparative Visual Assessments Inc., a management-consulting firm that specializes in performance analysis, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who as an expert with a long career in systems programming and performance analysis. He is the sole inventor of a patented methodology for utilizing vector analysis and statistics to produce hierarchical oriented VectorCharts. These provide a more effective performance analysis tool to depict the performance strengths and weaknesses of a wide range of subjects from people, to features, concepts, places, medicines, patients, strategies, economies, and so forth.

He is the sole inventor of two patents, one for Digital Equipment and one for his own firm. Jack intends to continue his work in performance analysis consulting. His highest priority is to provide the business community with more sophisticated performance analysis techniques. Cambridge Who’s Who acknowledges Jack's passion and hard work to encourage companies, the government, academic institutions, medical, legal and sport communities to embrace the graphic use of vectors and statistics for ALL of their performance analysis reviews.

In his spare time, Gilmore volunteers as a Catholic Eucharistic Minister with the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands in Sandwich, MA. He attributes his success to the education he received at Boston College as well as courses at MIT and Boston University. He credits his leadership abilities to the time he acquired as a U.S. Navy Carrier Pilot. Tenacity, he maintains is his strongest talent.

January 14, 2010

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon: Recognized as an Honored Member of Cambridge Who’s Who for Outstanding Achievements in Writing

The Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee carefully selects special honorees based on their accomplishments, academic achievement, leadership and service. Sherrilyn Kenyon, award winning author of the widely-acclaimed series Dark Hunter, Lords of Avalon and The League, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for exceptional work on her best-selling vampire, science-fiction, fantasy and romance novels.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s journey to literary fame was not easy. After enduring economic and physical hardships and the passing of a family member, her ability to write was severely hindered. With great determination and the steadfast support of her husband and friends, her writing career took off with the signing of a three-book contract with Saint Martin’s Press. Kenyon published the novels from her Dark Hunter vampire series in 2001 launching her to a new level of success. The popularity of the Twilight and True Blood series is not surprising when one considers that Kenyon’s 19-book Dark Hunter vampire series (firmly based on Greek mythology) brought Kenyon international acclaim.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s achievements include six #1 New York Times bestseller slots in just over a single year. Night Pleasures, Kenyon’s first book in the series, spent an impressive six weeks on a USA Today book list and was ranked sixth on Amazon.com nine months before its release date in February of 2002. The book has currently sold more than half a million copies worldwide. Over time, Kenyon’s other fantasy, horror and romance books series, The League and Lords of Avalon have sold countless copies, won a variety of literary awards and have given Kenyon an extensive national and international fan base. She has over 17 million books in print in over 30 countries.

Since she wrote her first novel at the age of seven Kenyon knew this was the path she was meant to follow. Her readers are male and female, from a wide spectrum of ages and come from all walks of life. Hundreds pay her tribute – adorned with tattoos of symbols and images from Kenyon’s work. But despite her success and popularity, Kenyon remains grounded and cherishes her family and friends first and foremost and remains deeply moved, encouraged and inspired by her readers. She is actively involved with the Autism Society of America and the American Cancer Society. Kenyon is a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Horror Writers Association and Romance Writers of America. She received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Georgia.

For more information about Kenyon’s novels, go to http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com