January 8, 2009

Cambridge Who’s Who Member, Nancy Bauser, Publishes a Guide to Help Survivors of Catastrophe

Cambridge Who’s Who VIP member, Nancy Bauser, is a social worker and disability life coach with the NSB Group in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She has published a book entitled Acceptance Groups for Survivors: A Guide for Facilitators. The book is intended for use by professionals who work with survivors of traumatic brain injuries or other conditions resulting in disabilities.

In 1971, Ms. Bauser survived a head-on collision, which resulted in a severe brain stem injury. After the accident, she had to relearn how to walk, talk, think and function independently. Ms. Bauser said in an article published in the June 2008 issue of Psychology Today that she believed the secrets to her success were not seeing failure as an option, maintaining determination while accepting temporary setbacks to position herself for future success and refusing to capitulate to helplessness. This allowed her to be ambitious and accomplish the goals she had set for herself. Written in a straightforward manner, Ms. Bauser reaches out to other survivors through Acceptance Groups for Survivors to help them continue with their lives.

With its basis in personal experience, the book also presents a systematic method on how to help victims of catastrophe. Ms. Bauser has developed an approach that facilitators, social workers, psychologists and rehabilitation personnel can use to aid those who have suffered similar physical traumas. She has designed a structured group program, helping survivors to accept their deficits, so they can begin recovery.

Frank Farelly, a former clinical professor, author and internationally known psychotherapist says that Acceptance Groups for Survivors is a well-organized, compassionate and realistic guide. Others have also described it as a “user-friendly guide that asks all the right questions” and is “most interesting.” Her book relays the message that recovery is making progress, giving her peace and the ability to be content with her life and limitations.

After her severe and life-threatening brain injury in 1971, Ms. Bauser made more than a full recovery. She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 1973 and master of social work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1976. Ms. Bauser also became a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers in 1984.

To learn more about Ms. Bauser or her book, Acceptance Groups for Survivors, please visit http://www.survivoracceptance.com/ or view her Cambridge Who’s Who profile: Nancy Bauser.