February 21, 2009

Cambridge Who’s Who Member, Deborah C. Hedrick, Featured in the Demopolis Times

Deborah C. Hedrick became a member of Cambridge Who’s Who in August 2007. So you can only imagine her surprise when she was named the Clinical Supervisor of the Year in 2008. “I was actually kind of shocked at first,” Hedrick said.

Hedrick has worked at the Fitz-Gerald Clinic for 11 years. As the clinical supervisor, she is responsible for overseeing 25 employees, reviewing medical reports and acting as the direct liaison between doctors and patients. She attributes her success to Gail Allgood, Dr. M.J. Fitz-Gerald and Mack Fitz-Gerald for helping her to progress in her field. “I love it here. I think, actually, it’s more like family and home, besides my real family,” she said. Coupled with her hard work and commitment to excellence, Hedrick has been able to earn the distinction of VIP member.

Cambridge Who’s Who recognized Hedrick for her dedication, leadership and accomplishments in medical administration. To read the article published about her in the Demopolis Times, visit: Hedrick Honored in Cambridge Who’s Who.

Source: Demopolis Times, Cambridge Who’s Who