May 19, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member Mel Wildermuth Publishes Article in T&D Magazine

Cambridge Who's Who Member, Mel Wildermuth and his partner, Cris Wildermuth of the Effectiveness Group, LLC have published an article in the American Society for Training and Development's T&D Magazine, January 2008 issue titled: "10 Ms of Employee Engagement." The article specifies 10 elements that every company needs to create an engagement-friendly workplace. Read an excerpt of the article below or download the full version.

Experts have defined engagement as a persistent state of work fulfillment. This fulfillment translates into enthusiasm and passion, higher than average levels of concentration and focus, and an irresistible boost of energy. Indeed, passion, focus, and energy are key components of engagement: Take away any of these factors and engagement suffers.

Engagement is the current battle cry for many management experts. “We’re all about engagement,” one of our clients says. “Engagement is part of our values and training curriculum. We want to make sure our employees, leaders, and customers are engaged.”

There are 10 Ms of engagement to help create engagement-friendly organizations. Nine of these components operate in three separate but deeply connected dimensions: the organization’s culture, the job, and the person. The final factor—the match—connects the dots between culture, job, and personal issues.