June 9, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe Receives 2008 IPPY Award

Cambridge Who’s Who Lifetime member, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe, has received the prestigious IPPY Award for her romance novel, Front Row Center. The Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards) have been recognizing the best indie-published books of the year in 65 categories since 1996. Ms. Ainsworthe’s first novel, Front Row Center, has earned her a bronze medal in the 12th Annual IPPY Awards romance category, which were presented in Los Angeles on May 30, 2008. This year’s award winners were chosen from 3,175 entries. This is an exciting accomplishment for Ms. Ainsworthe, whose full-time job is nursing. Here is a summary of her award-winning novel, Front Row Center, which can be found on Amazon.com in CD-ROM PDF format. You can also visit Ms. Ainsworthe's website, www.wordsandpassion.com where you can request an autographed version of the CD-ROM.

“Taylor Allen, a happily married businesswoman, finds herself attracted to a very popular singing idol. Larry Davis, a world-renowned singer and bachelor, who feels his only love is his music, is drawn to Taylor at one of his concerts. She sits front row, center seat, when their eyes meet. They both feel the surge of electricity pass between them. Is this the beginning of love? Will their hearts embrace and dance to this dangerous and forbidden rhythm?” (Amazon.com Book Summary)