September 17, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member, Janet Florence McCormack co-authors The Power of Team

Cambridge Who’s Who member Janet Florence McCormack has co-authored The Power of Team, part of the best selling “Wake Up...Live the Life You Love” motivational book series. The Power of Team is a collection of essays that illustrate the power of networking, importance of cooperation and advantages of working with a team. It is an enlightening work, intended to help people utilize their strengths and support their weaknesses to achieve their goals.

According to critics, The Power of Team is a “must read.” It has been hailed as a book that will show you how to make smart choices, take action and get the results you desire. The Power of Team features inspirational essays from over 40 contributing authors, including “You Can’t Do It Alone” by Gregory Scott Reid, “From Building a Team to Building Your Dreams” by Dr. Charles Majors and “What an Awesome Time It Is to Be Alive!” by our own Janet Florence McCormack.

In order to build a successful team, you must have the right people in place who support you and your goals. The Power of Team helps you to identify the people who belong on your team by providing you with specific tips on how to recognize them. It also teaches you how to transform the individuals who you have handpicked for your team into a cohesive, functioning group that promotes your professional growth and development.

Janet Florence McCormack is co-director of HBC, LLC, an “edutainment” company that promotes learning through media and specializes in celebrations, coaching, books and CDs. McCormack became involved in education, media and entertainment because she enjoys helping people use their creativity to realize their maximum potential.

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