December 22, 2008

Cambridge Who’s Who Member, Tammy Theriot Releases the December Issue of Between Friends

Cambridge Who’s Who lifetime member Tammy Theriot is a realtor with Red Door Realty, located in Houston, Texas. Ms. Theriot is an accredited buyer representative, a new home sales specialist, a relocation specialist and a notary public.

Ms. Theriot has just released her December newsletter entitled Between Friends. The newsletter contains information about the real estate industry, including New Year’s resolutions for home buyers and the advantages of a home protection plan. In particular, Ms. Theriot references an article from The Illinois Association of REALTORS, which states that home buyers should try to save at least 20% for a down payment in order to keep interest rates down and reduce their debt to 36% or less of their income.

The newsletter also features a health and safety section to assist readers in selecting safe toys during the holidays. Ms. Theriot warns her readers to pay attention to how a toy is constructed, its appropriateness for the child in question, choking hazards and toxic chemicals used to manufacture the toy.

The household tips section outlines the financial and environmental benefits of choosing reusable bags over paper or plastic. According to Ms. Theriot, using reusable bags is a great way to become a more “eco-friendly shopper” and help the environment by saving trees, oil and the Earth.

At the close of the newsletter, Ms. Theriot lists six things that can drain your money such as eating out and drinking bottled water and shares her recipe for an easy-to-make breakfast casserole.

To view the newsletter in its entirety, click here: December 2008 Newsletter. For more information about Ms. Theriot and her services, visit