August 21, 2008

Joanne Calcagno Receives Great Reviews for her book Raaof

Cambridge Who’s Who lifetime member, Joanne Calcagno, has received great reviews for her book, Raaof. Published in 2007 by BookSurge Publishing for readers aged 6 to 9 years old, Raaof tells the story of a young boy from Yemen who immigrates to Flushing, NY. After enrolling in public school, he must learn to overcome rejection from his peers. With the help of an understanding teacher, Mrs. Wright, and his own artistic talent, he discovers a way to reach out to other children, earn their respect and find friendship.

A social worker commented that Raaof “teaches children not to be judgmental and compartmentalize people in the same category as those who committed atrocities against the US.” She went on to state that the book is a good read for fourth and fifth graders, as it encourages them to be more understanding and receptive about other cultures.

Calcagno, an elementary schoolteacher for over 23 years, wrote Raaof based on her personal experiences as an educator. Raaof was an opportunity for her to explore the subject of prejudice and foster an understanding of a multicultural world for young students.
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