August 26, 2008

Preserved to Serve by Cambridge Who's Who member, Claire Power Murphy

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Preserved to Serve

Follow One Woman's Incredible Journey of Fighting for an Achieving Natural Health

NEWBERRY, Fla. - "The closer we get to nature, the greater the progress," writes Claire Power Murphy in her new memoir of natural eating and journey of faith, Preserved to Serve (published by AuthorHouse). "By moving towards a more natural lifestyle, it is possible for humans to become disease-free."

Preserved to Serve chronicles Murphy, now in her 60s, through her transformation from a sickly childhood to her discovery of natural foods and the struggles and discrimination she faced raising her children on a natural, vegetarian diet. Part memoir and part cautionary tale, Preserved to Serve highlights Murphy's struggles with the medical community in regards to what she fed her family. She recounts a painful ordeal in which her infant daughter was placed in foster care for four months. The state of New York blamed Murphy for her daughter's sickly condition and she relates horrifying accounts of outright deception on the part of doctors and nurses in charge of her daughter's care.
She writes:

    I knew that her disease would only disappear by unblocking the waste in her nervous system, which had been occurring during the first three months of her life, and had actually saved her life! Of course my breast milk had long since dried up. It was necessary to wean Laurie back to a natural regime very gradually so as to prevent a shock to her system, as had occurred when she had been removed from me. One week when the nurse at the hospital said the Laurie's weight gain was not enough, the sinking feeling of another possible calamity was overwhelming.
In Preserved to Serve, Murphy shares what she calls an "unintentional journey from being a carnivore, to a vegetarian, to a juicer, to a frugivore, which was the original diet of man in his unfallen state." She also recounts her acceptance of faith and spirituality into her life, saying, "Amidst all of the 'bad news of the day,' Preserved to Serve stands as a beacon as to how man, with the help of His Creator, may attain to a better existence by positively transforming himself and subsequently the world around him." Murphy is optimistic that Preserved to Serve will offer hope "to a lost and dying world."

A former educator, Claire Power Murphy currently serves as the director for The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc., in Newberry, Fla., specializing in educating others in ways to regain health and maintain it. "There are answers for those who are seeking them and are willing to begin working towards a more natural lifestyle," she says.

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