October 8, 2008

Cambridge Who's Who Member, Joseph Siofele, publishes AMATAGA

Cambridge Who’s Who lifetime member, Joseph Siofele, has written a new book entitled AMATAGA that explores the origins of planet Earth, Polynesia and Malaysia. Released on August 20, 2008, the e-book contains his view of the Genesis Creation story, confronts the theory of evolution and even suggests a cure for cancer.

The findings that Siofele expresses in AMATAGA are a result of more than 20 years of research on the origin of Polynesia. In chapter one, Siofele explores the book of Genesis from the Bible and draws parallels between the Creation story and the Samoan legends of PAPALAGI and SAMOANA as well as the Atlantis myth. Chapter two explains Siofele’s view on the theory of evolution and DNA. He also states that he is filing a lawsuit in federal court to “declare evolution as flawed and dangerous for education.” Siofele does not believe that public education should teach the theory of evolution without due notice.

Chapter three reveals the origin of Polynesia, ending a 400-year-old mystery of its origins while chapter four offers a possible cure for cancer based on Biblical information. In chapter five, Siofele explains how a combination of the Bible, science and legends could provide a better basis for education than science alone. Chapter six is based on Siofele’s personal experience with the coral reef heads and coral reef tail in Tutuila as well as the coral reef slab in Satomai, Faleasi’u, Upolu. He has suggested to the two governments in Somoa that these reefs be protected as landmarks demonstrative of “Intelligent Design” instead of random appearance. Siofele ends with chapter seven, which offers a closing argument on the points and explanations mentioned in chapters one through six.

Siofele has been a member of Cambridge Who’s Who since May of 2008. He has also written The Incredible Origins of Polynesians and Malaysians and a movie documentary based on a book titled Polynesian Links. Siofele holds a Bachelor of Law from Irvine University College of Law and has appeared on PBS of London. He has also appeared on the front page in the news media worldwide. A German reporter and television crew visited him in Moreno Valley, CA to interview Siofele about his relation to the Kennewick Man.
Siofele is going on a world tour to several universities to speak about his book, AMATAGA. He will be starting with the National University of Samoa in December and is available for public speaking. For more information about Siofele or to order AMATAGA, please visit his website at http://www.amataga.net/.