May 31, 2007

Cambridge Who's Who Names Patti Forté Professional of the Year in Poetry

Cambridge Who's Who & Writer Patti Forte
Author of "Parting the Mist" Recognized by Cambridge Who's Who Registry as a Brilliant Writer, Fantastic Arist and Strong Individual

Danville, CA.…April 18, 2007-Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Woman has named Patti Forté, Writer, Author, Screenwriter and Lyricist, Professional of the Year in Poetry. While inclusion in Cambridge Who's Who Registry is an honor in itself, only one member in each discipline is named the Cambridge Who's Who Professional of the Year. The Cambridge Who's Who selection committee hand picks these special Who's Who honorees based on their accomplishments, academic achievement, leadership and service.

Cambridge Who's Who

The combination of poetry and art in this book is the mode of expression that best reflects my inner-self's transition. I am so grateful that I have been able to express myself in words and on canvas. These have been incredible tools for my own healing.
Forté's book, Parting the Mist, tells the story of her personal experience of loss through poems and paintings. While listening to the whispers from deep within, Forté guides you through the mist-shrouded labyrinth of our innermost feelings. The combination of poetry and art in her book is the mode of expression that best reflects her inner-self's transition. The paintings she has created depict a soul's special connection with the heart. While going through the six phases of human feelings that follow loss, Forté's emotions spill out as did the paint upon her canvas.

"The combination of poetry and art in this book is the mode of expression that best reflects my inner-self's transition. I am so grateful that I have been able to express myself in words and on canvas. These have been incredible tools for my own healing." Patti Forté

"Patti has such a pure heart, the poems and art flow from her, showing her strength and ability to move on in spite of some of life's most challenging experiences. Her pain turns to peace and her fears to quietness. The rhythm of her poems echoes memories of her experiences. I marvel at how far she has journeyed never to return to her former self. She has pushed past the ordinary. Once in a while, special people come into your life to teach, to inspire, and to love. Patti has done all this for me." Ranae Johnson, Ph.D.

"This is a personal journey of an ordinary woman who discovers her own beauty and self worth through pain of loss. Like a quiet, intimate conversation, she shares her deepest struggle with a vulnerability that is unadorned but powerful." Shirley Nice, author Speaking For Impact

"Seven years P.O.W. in communist prison, much in solitary--greatest gift, self discovery. Patti Forté and I, childhood friends--different prisons, same journey, same gift. Amazing!" Captain Gerald Coffee, U.S. Navy Retired speaker and author

"Patti shares with us the richness and the rage, the pain and the peace of her own journey, and we are each lifted in our own parting of the mist." Dixie Waldrip, author Hide and Seek: Searching for Me

Forté is also an extremely talented painter, screenwriter and lyricist. Currently, she is collaborating with other writers in the creation of a screenplay focused on the empowerment of women. She is also a former elementary school teacher. After raising her two children, Forté expanded her education with alternative health training and became an advanced healing practitioner.

Forté received her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from San Jose State University. She is a member of the International Poetry Society and the American Business Women's Association. She is also a founding Laureate Member of the International Society of Poets. Her poem, "The Glowing Surface" appeared in Poetry's Elite-The Best Poets of 2000,, and "The Shapeless Shoe" appeared in Reflections of the Soul by The Poetry Guild. For more information on Patti's Book Parting the Mist visit her Website.

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